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DirekChannel, a Canadian federal corporation, registered under 6585442 Canada Ltd, specializes in sales and installation of telecom and security products, providing effective solutions towards acquiring large scale clienteles from massive market. The corporation was first founded in 1999 targeting mass residential market. Within two years, it achieved over 10, 000 consumer accounts. On November 5, 2001, the company brought in more partners and was incorporated to a larger scale to explore telecommunications and security products and services. For the past twelve years, DirekChannel has partnered with Rogers Cable, Sears Security, Sprint Canada, Primus Telecommunications, Telus Mobility, Reliance Protectron and Bell Canada and has successfully acquired over 60, 000 customers in the industry, thanks to hundreds of hardworking sales and customer care agents, specialists and managers, electrical and IT technicians and admin employees, who are working or used to work in the company.
Home and business security service is a flagship product of DirekChannel Security. It incorporates the most advanced high tech application into traditional security services, making it possible to cater services for customers from simple intrusion and fire protections to video involved security and further to the smart home concept. With five state-of-the-art monitoring stations across Canada, in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City, running 24/7/365 regardless of all weather conditions, DirekChannel is doing its very best to watch out for its customers.