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Smart Home Service

What is a Smart Home System? It is a computerized home automation and control system. The system can either execute commands by programs set up by the customer or enable the customer to remotely control some home events. The following examples will give you an idea what the system can do for a home:

  • Automatic control: Half an hour before you get up every morning, temperature begins to increase. As soon as you get up, coffee machine starts brewing. As soon as you start drinking coffee, TV turns on.
  • Remote control: When you are away from home you can unlock and lock your  doors or garage doors, turn your lights on and off, turn your temperature up and down, turn you A/C on and off, and even turn your TV or audio system on and off.
  • Remote Visual: You call your neighbor when you are out of the country, "Hi, John, I can see you just parked your car on my drive way. If you want to park inside the garage, you can use the right side. I'll open the garage door for you now!"