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IMPORTANT- Installation Delays/Processes due to COVID-19

Hello All,

Please be advised that we have been receiving communications from our providers about delayed installs and some changes to install processes due to COVID-19.

FTTN/DSL/FIBER Installs via BELL- We have been receiving install dates well into MAY 2020, meaning that customers can expect install for this service only next month at the earliest. TECH SUPPORT tech visits are only being conducted as a last resort.

ROGERS/COGECO/VDN- Installation timeline are almost as normal however the technician does not enter the customer home to complete the install. They activate the line from the outside so the customer need to hook-up their own device. Please note that sometimes technicians will do the install without any notice to our office or the customer and we don't find out until we make an inquiry with technical support.  This said, the customer is still expected to pay full install fees. TECH SUPPORT tech visits are being delayed for as long as 60 days.

SHAW CABLE INTERNET (WEST CANADA ONLY)- Delays for installation/tech support tech visits are being delayed for as long as 60 days.

SHAW SATELLITE TV SERVICES- Installation timelines are almost normal however tech does not enter the customer home. They run the lines and install the dish as normal outside the home and then direct the customer on how to hook up the receivers. If customer really cannot do it, then tech will come into the home as a last resort.

*Please do not promise customers that a tech will come into their home as it poses a danger to anybody if there is someone sick in the home with the COVID-19 virus.* We should be asking the customer if they or anyone in the home is experiencing the COVID-19 symptoms and if they are, we should let them wait until after they are done their self-isolation period to get installed.

Let's all work together the flatten the curve and stay healthy.

Take care!

Kind Regards,
Jessica N.
Office Manager
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