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SHAW TV UPDATE- LARGE TV is now TOTAL TV ($99.99 for 12 months)

Hello All,

Please note that as of today, the highest TV package a customer can obtain is now called "Total TV"!

This package is meant for those who watch every channel and enjoy a wide variety of programming.

For this package only, our customers can enjoy a $99.99 plus tax promotional price for 12 months ($118 plus tax thereafter).

This is what is included:

-Provincial Limited TV component.
-US Networks
-Game TV, Daystar, The Shopping Channel
-Discovery Science and Discovery Velocity
-Stingray music channels
-Sports channels
-Time Shift Bundle
-Choice of Hollywood Suite OR World & Adventure
-80 fixed Specialty channels (cannot be swapped)

The channels that are NOT included are International Channels, Premium Channels such as HBO, adult TV, etc. Customers will still have to pay for such channels.

For the customers that previously signed up for the Large package and have already been installed, the rebranding will not effect them.

Please feel free to call the office or ask me if you have any further question.

Happy Selling!

Kind Regards,
Jessica N.
Office Manager
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