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Zflix Internet Referral Program for Existing Customers!

Hello All,

I am pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for our existing customers to further benefit all our agents!

Our existing customers will be encouraged to call our office to refer new internet customers. As an incentive, the customer will receive a $50 bonus and the original sales agent who sold the existing customer will have the benefit of keeping the residual commissions of the new account.

Details are as below:

1.     Customer calls in and tell the office that they are referring a new Internet customer. Phone number is: (905) 479-4153 or 1-888-442-5058. They may also email our office at office@zflix.ca.

2.     If existing customers do not want to call in, they may encourage referrals to call in.

3.     The caller has to specify who is referring this new account by providing the existing customer’s phone number and address. For a referred order to be keyed in as a referred order, the caller has to mention the key word “refer” or “referral”.

4.     On receiving calls office staff will find out the referrer (existing customer) and its original sales rep number and key in the new account under that rep number.

5.     Whoever calls in, referrers or referrals, will be the only person receiving the $50 bonus. (no double bonuses will be given out)

6.     The $50 can be used to waive the installation fee (not the shipping fee) if the caller is a referral. The new customer must provide payment information when calling in immediately upon signup.

7.     If the caller is a referrer, they may also advise the office to either get paid for $50 (for example credit to their monthly bill) or use it to waive the install fee for the referral.

8.     No upfront commission of these referred orders will be paid as mostly the commission has been used towards the referral bonus. However, all residual commissions will be paid to the agent or their managers.

Please note that this offer is applicable for Discounted, Premium and Executive packages only.

Please let me know or feel free to call the office at 1-888-442-5058 if you have any further questions.

Happy Selling!

Jessica N.
Office Manager
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