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UPDATE - JUNE 2018 FTTN Promo Continues!

Hello All,

I'm very pleased to announce that we can still sell FTTN with $1 Install!

We've been informed that the $1 Install Fee promo is going to be honored for this last week of June.

This means that if a customer order is processed this week until June 30/2018 and installed next week, the customer does not need to pay anything in addition to the $1 Install and $10 plus tax Shipping Fee.

Please use these last few remaining days in June to your benefit to make as many sales as you can!

As a kind reminder, here are the conditions for signing up the customer with this promotion:

1. Only $1 Installation Fee (tax included) will be charged for all FTTN orders installed in the month of June provided that these customers stay on billing for minimum 3 months.

2. All customers still have to pay the $10 + tax shipping fee.

3. This promotion does not apply to moving orders or upgrade/downgrade orders.

4. The $1 installation fee cannot be waived.

Kindly note this only applies for our customers that are signing up for Discounted, Internet Premium, and Internet Executive packages.

Please let me know or feel free to call the office at 1-888-442-5058 if you have any further questions.

Happy Selling!

Jessica N.
Office Manager
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